The biggest benefits of being part of the Geek Retreat family

It was a great summer for all the Geek Retreat franchise stores around the UK, but autumn is already shaping up to be something special, too. November is one of the busiest months of the year for store owners with several new product launches scheduled.

New card trading game releases, in particular, are big business for store owners, and these tend to happen every 3 months. It’s always a huge event, and many shops have people queueing up outside the door waiting for the big moment.

The number of customers coming in for a purchase is just a small part of what makes this so special, of course. These are products that customers love and get really excited about – many want to open them up straightaway and start playing! Which is when the next, and most important part of the Geek Retreat magic kicks in: providing a wonderful and inclusive space for everyone to enjoy their favourite hobby.

After all, it’s not just the products which draw people into Geek Retreat stores, it’s the genuine sense of community. Geek Retreat stores have become a second home for their customers. Friends regularly meet in-store, embracing the core value of community that Geek Retreat promotes. This sense of belonging and camaraderie is probably the single biggest thing which makes the stores in this franchise stand out from the crowd, and what helps them not just survive, but thrive, during a time when other high street stores are struggling.

“The community in geek retreat is like no other. I never feel out of place and have always felt welcome from day one.” – London Holloway customer

Not just a community for your customers, but for you, too.

As a Geek Retreat franchisee, you’ll benefit from this ethos as well, being part of a larger community of like-minded business owners who pride themselves on always being there to support each other. This is hugely beneficial for anyone trying to make their way in the world of retail these days, of course, but there are a great deal of practical benefits to being part of a larger group, too.

Next month’s launch is a great example of this. Most of these are products any gaming store can order, of course, but they are usually in very limited supply. Being part of the Geek Retreat franchise, however, gives you a huge advantage over independent operators:

  • Preferential relationships with major suppliers of all the top brands
  • Economy of scale to bring you the best prices and guarantee volume to meet demand
  • Wholesale buying power to protect your profit margins
  • Access to special products and releases ahead of the competition
  • A broad spectrum of products which appeal to a very wide demographic

Sound like something you’d love to be a part of?

The Geek Retreat franchise team are just as friendly, warm and welcoming as their store staff, so they always love to hear from people interested in their franchise. However, before you speak to them it is definitely worth making sure this is the right opportunity for you – and you are the right person for the opportunity, of course – and that all starts with having a chat with me.

Don’t worry – I’ll never put you under any pressure or give you the hard sell. I am here to help!

With kind regards,

John Overdijking,

Senior Franchise Consultant
Working With Geek Retreat