Our Story

A simple role of the dice…

Geek Retreat first got started in Glasgow in 2013 when our founder, Stephen Walsh, took a chance by creating a fun place for people to come together and enjoying playing all the best “geeky” games and buy all the associated products. merch and accessories, As time passed, and more and more people started to gather for events and product launches, Geek Retreat’s mission grew to become so much more – a chance to create a place where everyone could belong. he and his team began to add food and drink to their offering, extending a welcoming and inclusive hand to everyone in their local community.

….which turned into something truly special

The store began to become a real social hub in itself, and the concept grew beyond our wildest imaginings. It was clear that Geek Retreat was becoming something even more meaningful to people than its original mission. More than just a collector’s store, café, or gaming hangout, Geek Retreat became a place where people could come and enjoy being themselves, a place where life-long friendships could be formed with like-minded people.

Something we want to share with the world

By 2016, we knew we were really onto something special. We wanted to recreate this same sense of togetherness and success in other communities all around the country. We have since expanded to several other stores, but we always have the Geek Retreat vibe of community and collaboration close to our hearts.

We want others to share in our success and build their own businesses based on the same passion, joy, and values that we have, which is why we are now looking for new franchisees to help us take Geek Retreat into their own local communities.