You won’t want to miss out on this… act now to be part of something bigger in 2024

I’ve talked a lot about how important creating a sense of community is for Geek Retreat store owners, but I really can’t overstate just what a huge deal this is. It’s what really sets this business apart from the competition, attracts new customers, and keeps them coming back by instilling this incredible sense of loyalty and belonging.

A lot of that will come directly from you as a store owner and all the things you do on a day-to-day basis to engage your local community, but you can expect a great deal of help from head office, too. You’ll always be able to count on them to bring you all kinds of centrally-driven events and promotions which will really make a difference to your success.

For example, getting a lot of attention this month are:

The “Learn to Play” events

Many Geek Retreat stores up and down the country regularly run sessions for children who can come and learn how to play a trading card or role playing game. For many, this is their first “geek culture” experience, and they soon become a very welcome part of the local community.

Geek Retreat in Chester has been doing particularly well with this initiative, featuring in a local press release about how popular the event has become, citing how they are now running it twice a day! Check here for more info: Chester: ‘Geek culture’ café teaching games to dozens of kids a week

This kind of event not only creates a wonderful, positive vibe for the store and its local reputation, but is also great for business, too. After all, they are creating a whole new market for themselves in the next generation – a market who will always remember their first fantastic experiences were at Geek Retreat!

Christmas Food Bank Drive

Geek Retreat are also are actively encouraging all our stores to partner with local food bank charities such as The Trussell Trust to offer their stores as donation collection points. Just another big step in fostering a sense of community and giving back during the festive season!

The other big benefit of being part of the Geek Retreat community: central buying power!

With their strong relationships with suppliers, and their ability to order in bulk for their entire network, the Geek Retreat team are ensuring that their store owners always have the very best products available. Retailers in this sector often struggle to find enough stock of certain popular items to meet demand, but customers know they can always find what they’re after at Geek Retreat!

This has proved especially effective this summer during the launch of Disney’s new Locarna card game: Disney’s Lorcana: Trading card game sales help Geek Retreat to record August revenues

“I have never and I mean NEVER been to a more welcoming and enjoyable place. The staff are fantastic, the customers are all very chill, product is always available.”
– Geek Retreat Coventry customer.

By always being well stocked – and having the reputation as a friendly, welcoming local hub – Geek Retreat franchisees can tap into guaranteed revenues that other retailers will always struggle to reach.

Is there a Geek Retreat near you? There will be soon!

I’ve been getting a lot of interest in Geek Retreat lately, and having some great conversations with people interested in opening locations up and down the country. 2024 looks like it will bring us a lot more new Geek Retreat stores, so chances are one will be opening up near you before too long. The only question is:

Will it be yours, or someone else’s?

Don’t miss out – as 2023 draws to a close, this is the perfect time to get your plans in place for 2024 and beyond.

Taking the next step couldn’t be easier. Just book a call with me using the button below to learn more about how this opportunity could work for you, or get in touch if you’re ready to secure your territory before someone else does!

I look forward to hearing from you.

With kind regards,

John Overdijking,

Senior Franchise Consultant
Working With Geek Retreat